Way back in 1983 when we used to work for UK collaborated manufacturing firm in Purchase Department, choice of sourcing the component was restricted to few companies. We used to import the component which is not available locally and stock the same for the whole year and keep it in bonded Ware House and de bond the same as and when it is required for the production. In spite of planning, due to shortage of some locally manufactured component production used to hamper. Since the choice was limited we used to struggle a lot for sourcing the components.

Now the industry has grown up, the choice is wide, import has become easy in spite of that most SMEs with limited number of employees and purchase handled by proprietor himself are being hurt by their procurement of raw materials and even they are not buying at optimal prices. We thought if VBUY4U intervene there, then they could get to the production faster and save the valuable time of technically qualified person. We are helping them to acquire raw materials at lower price.

I am sure If we are honest, helpful, simple and do the right thing, the noise goes out and business comes to VBUY4U.

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